Monday, September 22, 2014

What is the spirit world?

from Nosso Lar (film poster)

Simply speaking the spirit world refers to realities inhabited by beings that exist in a higher dimensional band that here on Earth.  Just as the electromagnetic spectrum is delineated by differing frequencies, so are realities or planes of existence.  The reality we are in is determined by the frequencies we are able to perceive and operate within. 

When we are in a physical body we experience through the senses of that body which allows us to function in the material plane.  When we leave this body we will experience a reality commensurate with the frequency of our disembodied consciousness.  Even in this non-physical state it seems beings function through a form similar to the physical body but operating on a more subtle plane of existence with different characteristics.

The question may arise: where is this spiritual body now?  While we are focused through the physical body our spirit body is contained within the physical form.  It is this spirit body that provides the link between our higher selves and the matter of the physical body.

Sharka Todd

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