Monday, September 29, 2014

Jesus died for our sins?

Many Christians parrot the phrase that Jesus "died for our sins".  Interestingly, this sacrifice happened before we were even born.  Certainly, anyone who is crucified for teaching people about Spirit is dying as a result of someone's sinful behavior- but clearly not for possible future people whose sins have yet to occur!  In the case of Jesus it seems the sins of certain Jewish church elders were the ones responsible for his death.  Anyone that feels the need to kill a messenger of truth because it threatens their esteemed position in society is certainly in the grips of the dark ones.

Although Jesus' ministry may have, indeed, saved many future humans from stumbling around in a spiritual fog it doesn't necessarily mean he "died for our sins".  I choose to see his life as a great success because he got the message out that we are spiritual beings who are responsible for our own salvation and that this can be achieved by following the path he has demonstrated.  That is, by loving God and our neighbor as ourself!  This is the path of unity/oneness/non-duality which sees the "I" in the other, and acts accordingly!

Unlike many, I don't accept that by claiming to accept Jesus as one's personal Lord and Savior that one is automatically saved and will sit at the table with God and the prophets in the afterlife.  I actually think that how we conduct ourself and what our beliefs and motivations are will determine where one is located spiritually in this life and any future life.  So for me, Jesus gave us some of the tools by his teachings but it is up to us to make decisions in our daily lives that are in alignment with the promptings of spirit if we truly wish to be "saved"!

Sharka Todd

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