Tuesday, November 4, 2014

An alternative, spiritual concept of evolution

For those open to a spiritual perspective the book The Unobstructed Universe explains how the evolutionary process occurs in this “obstructed” reality (the “physical world”) in a “quantitative” way and how it occurs in the “unobstructed” reality (the spirit realm) in a “qualitative” way.  The theory this book proposes explains why we don’t see macro-evolution occur in this world, only its seeming effects.

Quantitative evolution, which occurs in the physical dimension, as described in the book, results in changes within species and qualitative evolution, which occurs in the “spirit world” (the unobstructed realm) results in new species being born.  I mention this not to challenge conventional materialistic, Darwinian views of evolution, which many are happy with, but to inform those searching for a different view who are open to the possibility that evolution may also occur in a “spiritual” dimension and feed into this world.

Sharka Todd

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