Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Is "God" the sum of all consciousness?

Photo by Hund Welt

It has been said that our concept of God refers to the gestalt of all conscious entities in the universe.  That is, that "God" is the sum of all consciousness that is.  This God has been given the title of "All That Is" and this term has been used by such luminaries as Jane Roberts in her Seth books.

There is an old notion of God as a static being who knows both the future and the past.  Such a dull notion of a being that must be bored out its mind living a life where nothing is a surprise.  The notion of God being All That Is is far more interesting.  In this concept, All That Is is an aware entity made up of all the trillions of sub-units of consciousness in the universe.  Such a God would be eternally evolving as each of it's independent consciousness units is.  Also, such an aware entity would not know the future, at least not beyond what is predictable give current circumstances and the current plans of aware entities.  This God would find existence far more interesting than one who knows everything that will or ever could happen.  I would hazard to say that a God who knew the future wouldn't bother to create a universe in the first place because what would be the point when you know exactly how it would all turn out?  There would be none!

Sharka Todd

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