Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Has science taken the place of religion?

Prophet of Science, Richard Dawkins

Religion, once the tool for social control, has been replaced by institutionalized science

Many people think science and religion are poles apart but to me they are quite close- just "the man" telling you what to think! Both are authoritarian, hierarchical and "cliquey". Science is sold as democratic but is anything but. It is as controlled by the establishment as anything else and it passes on the messages from on high that suits the elites just as religion was once used to do. For now that religion has lost its esteem among the population science is being used to replace it to enable a small elite to get the masses to believe as suits them. The last thing they want is an empowered populace that thinks independently of their masters. Only science has the credibility in the modern age to shape thought in such narrow channels as to have everyone believing alike. And the primary beliefs to be transferred are- you are small and powerless, your life is insignificant, trust the authorities who know what's best for you, and we have the truth so don' t bother to look elsewhere. These are the same thoughts that devilish religion used to push and now science is being used to do the same thing!

Sharka Todd 

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