Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What is the primary form of evolution?

I believe every that particle and living being in the physical universe is evolving in every moment, never to return to what it once was, but this doesn't mean I accept that Darwinian Evolution is the driving force behind it all.  For me, the evolution of form is secondary to the evolution of consciousness, which I see as the reality underlying all that is.

Form is a container that consciousness both creates and inhabits and the changes to this can seem to be slow from an outside observer.  But in truth the cells of the body change every moment to reflect changes in one's mind and environment.  This is not the evolution that the biologists speak of, for they are concerned with a special, limited kind of evolution related to changes in a species over time.

As an individual the concern is with the evolution of one's own consciousness rather than species wise changes which one will only generally have little impact on.

Sharka Todd

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