Monday, November 17, 2014

Enemies of religion still seem to love it!

I find it odd that many of those who dislike religion the most still seem to think it has the last word about God, the afterlife and such matters.  Religion has attempted to "own" spiritual views but there are many alternate perspectives, many of which are based on the eyewitness accounts of NDErs, OOBErs, mediums, mystics, psychedelic drug users, etc., which are far more convincing that those put forward by any religion!  However, atheists who are supposedly damning of religion still do most of their arguing against the limited and partisan view of religion as if those views meant something!

God cannot be owned by any religion and the belief in a supreme spirit is certainly not limited to Christianity, Islam or Judaism.  The idea that the Christian concept of the afterlife, which is very vague, must be taken as the last word on what happens when we die is absurd.  There is a great body of information that deals with the afterlife from the viewpoint of experiencers (see above), rather than the partisan view of priests who wish to control people's actions on earth by the use of fear, and yet it it the priestly view that "atheists" spend all their time talking about.  Talk about a "straw man"!  We all know religious views are contrived to suit the institutions themselves, so why not look where the truth can always be found- in people's experiences!

Sharka Todd

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