Saturday, November 15, 2014

We need to listen to the forest before taking from it

Photo by Sharka Todd

Before felling any tree in a forest we need to sit and commune with the forest for hours or days and then ask what levels of logging the forest allows.  Our subtle feelings will give the answer.  Nature understands the needs of man and is willing to accommodate them but it will never support the greed of man.  It is often OK to remove a certain amount of a forest that will not greatly affect the overall harmony and vitality of the forest, but to destroy trees and other vegetation en masse is truly a violation of a great order.

For humans to begin to work with nature we need to start listening to it and working within its guidelines.  Currently in our arrogance and ignorance (they go hand in hand) we are happy to march into an area we are unfamiliar with and have no love for and start destroying what is there on a grand scale using our monstrous machines.  This is a brutal approach that shows a complete disrespect for the natural elements and life forms of the area who have more right to a peaceful life in the area that an outsider coming in to destroy it.

Sharka Todd

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