Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Science and religion are both Luciferic

Any school of thought that says it has the one and only correct way of interpreting reality is Luciferic, in my view.  There is something grandiose and naive in a view which proclaims to be the only right one.  There are an infinite number of ways that we can understand or interpret our experience in this world.  The idea that there is only one way that is correct makes no sense.  Those who attempt to force this idea of one truth down other people's throats are dangerous and clearly unbalanced.  A healthy person comes to their own (always changing) view on life and makes no effort to force others to believe likewise.  Such an attempt would be seen as idiotic in the extreme.  And yet this is what we see among those who belong to the religious and science cults- the desire to make over the world in their own image and have everyone believe as they do.

By leaving people alone to make up their own minds we are showing our respect for them and this is how the earth will move into the golden age- by each of us respecting the free will of each other, to do, be and believe as they so desire!

Sharka Todd

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