Saturday, November 15, 2014

Clear felling forests is morally wrong

If we act without heart then we are the lowest of the beasts and the most destructive.

Clear felling forest is morally wrong and shocks the landscape and all that live within it.  It is a violation of the forest and a form of rape of the land.

If we spend time in the forest and commune with it and thereby get to understand and respect its ways then we may find that a certain (small) amount of logging may be acceptable.  However, to destroy everything in sight over a large area through clear cut logging never is.  It's a gross violation of the plant kingdom who do so much to help support life on this planet.

Clear cutting can only be performed by those who have closed their hearts to the forest and are thereby willing to act brutally.  It is a sign of a degenerate race of beings. Those who give the orders in office blocks in large cities often have never even visited the forest in question and yet they are sending out orders that will result in death and destruction over a wide range like dropping a huge bomb on the area.

For the human race to mature spiritually we must develop an appreciation for trees beyond their economic or financial worth.  We must see them for what they are- beautiful beings who improve life on this planet and provide homes for countless other beings.

Forests, particularly those close to their natural state, are such a blessing to the world and to our weary and lost souls that we must do all we can to protect those that remain and also endeavor to plant more for future generations.

Sharka Todd

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