Monday, November 17, 2014

Calling something "the work of Satan"!

"The Good"- photo by Sharka Todd

To call something "the work of Satan" will have many people thinking you are a loon and yet others will know exactly what you mean.  Such is the diversity in language used and understanding held by the human race!

When I invoke Satan I don't mean an actual entity but rather a mind-set or even a type of being who is basically malevolent or uncaring towards others and an enemy of the Good.  And by "the Good" I mean everything that is good within man and nature.  For I see both man and the natural world as good at its core and it is this goodness we need to acknowledge and foster!

Someone who destroys the Good by carelessness may be called a tool of Satan but only those who destroy the Good by an act of will are actually Satanic.  For example, logging contractors who destroy a beautiful forest under the orders of a government or private agency are not Satanic but are doing the work of Satan by destroying the Good (nature).  However, anyone that destroys natural areas because of a hatred of Good/God is Satanic.

As a society we need to encourage an approach to life that honors and protects the Good both within people and the natural world.  To this end, activities that harm natural systems and human well-being need to be highlighted, discontinued and gone beyond as we become ever greater stewards of God's magnificent creation!

Sharka Todd

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