Saturday, November 1, 2014

Vaccines, can the science be trusted?

There is too much hoopla and vested interests surrounding vaccines in the scientific, medical and government establishments to expect trials and statistical data to be at all objective or reliable. Also, there is too much narrowness when looking at the effects of vaccines on general health and the limited time frames used for trials makes the findings of limited significance for long-term health outcomes. The broader effects on health of these blood additives are generally little known and there is little incentive among those who promote them to look closely at any adverse side-effects that such vaccines may cause.

There is such heavy investment, both financial, and of reputation, in vaccines, that I believe there is little will in pointing out their negative characteristics.  Instead, those that present an alternative view have their careers ruined by the bullying tactics of the medical establishment.  The true conservatives amongst us like to stick to nature's tried and tested ways, where possible, and we leave the risk taking radicals to follow the pied pipers of corporate medicine!

Sharka Todd

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