Saturday, November 1, 2014

Religion, science and freedom of belief

Religion and science* both say that out of the infinite number of ways we can look at the world only one of them is right. That is why I see both religion and science as totalitarian, authoritarian and anti-freedom, and not to mention, wrong!

Both science and religion encourage a dull, monotonous kind of group-think that discourages true individuality and creativity and actively opposes those who hold alternative views.  These are "the wrong views" that will lead to either "going to hell" or being labeled as "irrational", "a nut" or "stupid".  This is the price paid for thinking outside the box, the one delivered by those who follow the current dogma in vogue, the dogma that must be right because so many people agree with it!

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Sharka Todd

*This is not referring to the scientific method, which is theoretically "value-free", but to how science is practiced in the world today and the materialist world view it had been used to support.

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